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Report: Dead body on a gurney flies into Olympia traffic

Drivers in Olympia received quite a shock Monday afternoon after a body on a gurney fell out of the back of a van and onto the roadway.

The Olympian reports that two gurneys fell out of the back of a van Monday afternoon at Martin Way East and Phoenix Street SE. The van was returning from a home death call and heading to the local coroner’s office around 12:30 p.m.

One gurney rolled down Phoenix Street. The other gurney was occupied by a body and lay in the middle of the intersection.

Two police officers were dispatched to the scene and directed traffic around the gurney, while the coroner sent the van back to the intersection to pick up the body. The office reports that the body suffered no damage and that the family was contacted and told about the incident.

The coroners office is investigating the incident to determine how it dropped two gurney’s in the middle of the road without noticing.

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