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House Speaker Paul Ryan pitches tax reform plan to Boeing workers

House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke to a group of Boeing employees during a town hall-style Q&A on tax reform on Thursday morning.

“We are taxing this business, these planes, your jobs in this country at a much higher tax rate than other our foreign competitors tax there’s.”

Ryan said a complete overhaul of the tax code is something he’s dreamed of for a long time, and he doesn’t want to let this once-in-a-generation opportunity to go to waste.

“Clear out a lot of the special interest loopholes,” Ryan said. “Condense a bunch of these redundant deductions and just lower your tax rates for everybody across the board.  Go from seven tax brackets to three.”

Congressman Dan Newhouse (R-Sunnyside) joined Ryan in Everett.

This was Ryan’s second stop in the Pacific Northwest. He pitched the same plan to a group of Intel workers in Oregon on Wednesday. Ryan and other GOP leaders are trying to sell a tax reform that would give corporations tax cuts of up to 30 percent.

“One of the most important things we have to do in the United States Congress is reform our tax system,” he said in Oregon. “And I want to explain basically why we think that’s really important for us. First off is just competition. We have arguably the worst tax system in the industrialized world. What I mean when I say that is companies and countries compete on a global scale in this 21st century economy. We all know that. It’s a global economy.”

Protesters were expected to voice their opposition to Ryan and his plans outside the closed event.

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