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Dori Monson: I will never go back to Lunchbox Laboratory after pot-smoking Jesus ad

I don't think it's funny to show Jesus smoking a joint. I don't think it's cool. I don't think it's hip. It certainly isn't edgy. (Image courtesy Lunchbox Laboratory)

Taken from The Dori Monson Show.

Christmas gets all the PR, but the most important day for Christians is Easter.

Easter Sunday is the day we all got sign of the possibility of eternal life. I know there is a lot of people that disagree with all that, but for us Christians there is nothing more important, more sacred or emblematic of the reasons for our faith than Easter.

I know that Seattle has the most un-churched population in America, but there is a local restaurant called Lunchbox Laboratory. I have eaten there a couple of times, but I will never ever eat there again.

Easter Sunday this year is on April 20th and apparently this restaurant decided it would be funny to send out via email to their email marketing list a picture of Jesus on 4.20 smoking a joint.

At the top it says 4.20.14 and the 4.20 is in green. Then it’s a picture of Jesus smoking a joint and he says, “When I get back all I want is the Burger of the Gods.” Then it’s a two-for-one special on Easter Sunday.

What this shows is not just a contempt for Christians and Christianity – and they’re free to do that, they’re a private business in a free society. They can have contempt for Christians and Christianity if they want. But to me what this shows more than anything is something that I talk about all the time, and that is this phony, hipster culture in Seattle, because there is nothing particularly edgy about attacking the center point and the center day of Christianity, there’s nothing edgy about that.

You know what would be edgy – I’d be curious if they’re going to show a picture of Allah smoking a joint, Martin Luther King on MLK Day smoking a joint. Oh those aren’t on April 20th, what a hilarious joke that is.

No, what this is, is a local company in the guise of this fake hipsterism taking the laziest, most trite, most clichéd of leftist position and that is, let’s attack the one group in society that everybody feels free to attack, and that is Christians.

Some people are going to say hey you’re giving them exactly what they’re hoping for, you’re giving them free publicity. But I’ll tell you this is a place I’ve patronized in the past and I will never ever go back to Lunchbox Laboratory.

I don’t think it’s funny to show Jesus smoking a joint. I don’t think it’s cool. I don’t think it’s hip. It certainly isn’t edgy.

Again, free speech, I’m all for it, I’m not saying they shouldn’t be allowed to do this. If they don’t care about alienating whatever percentage of their customer base who are Christians, if they don’t care about that, go ahead and do it. But I will tell you it’s a place I’ve gone to that I will never ever go back to again.

Taken from Friday’s edition of The Dori Monson Show.

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