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Seattle U incident proves the wussification of our young men is complete


Dori writes…

I was incredulous as I watched the video (above) of a crazy man disrupting a class at Seattle University yesterday.

The man walked in to the basement classroom in the law-school center. He was wearing a trench-coat and eating an ice cream cone. There were about 50 students in the class.

First of all, having watched the video, I’m not convinced that the man was that much of a threat – he’s a mentally ill guy who ran into their classroom. But obviously, from all the quotes I’ve seen, the students feared he was dangerous.

The man was rambling incoherently and attempted to flip over desks and other furniture.

From the Seattle Times:

Several students said his behavior was so unsettling that they thought he was going to pull a gun or become violent. They also said they were disappointed at the slow response from campus public-safety officers.

“It was horrifying,” said another student who asked not to be named. “I thought we were going to be that next school in the news about school shootings.”

She, too, said she thought the university’s public-safety response was too slow.

Wait a second….

If there were 50 students in that class, presumably, about 25 of them were young men. I watched the video of the incident and was shocked to see that none of the men tried to take control of the situation themselves. They pulled out their cell phones so they could record the crazy man…and while many students have expressed the fear they were about to be shot, the men…DID NOTHING.

The teacher hit the panic button…

Some students tried to call 911 – but phone reception was spotty in the basement classroom…

Other students recorded video…

The men… did…nothing.

A couple guys could have taken this scary man down. Three or four easily could have subdued him until police arrived. Instead, in our completely wussified society, these so-called “men” would rather be potential victims than to take control of the situation.

I’m sure these “men” were afraid of a lawsuit. They were afraid of being accused of racism. Our society has taught kids to be wussies. We kick young kids out of school for eating a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun. We suspend first graders for talking about the Nerf Gun they bought over the weekend. The wussification of our kids begins at a very young age.

The extension of all this nonsense is what unfolded at Seattle U yesterday.

The students said they were upset about the slow response and believed the school should have instituted a lockdown and sent out a campus-wide warning.

They say they plan to meet to discuss the incident, and may draft a formal complaint to the school.

Ooooooohhhhhh. A “formal complaint”. What a bold action. Are the women in that classroom going to file a formal complaint against all the wussie-boys sitting around them? Of course not.

‘Tis nobler to be a target and a victim and a complaint-filer than to take control of a situation yourself.

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