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Dori to Mayor McGinn: Want to save lives? Get the bikes off the road instead


With a number of bike riders getting killed or injured recently, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn wants to put on the brakes to help save lives. He’s backing a new proposal to let cities lower neighborhood speed limits to 20 mph.

McGinn says a rider has a 50% chance of dying if hit at 30 mph, but that drops to 5% if you lower the speed limit to 20.

“We need to start thinking about each other’s frustrations, each other’s concerns. And how we can make it easier for everybody to get home safely,” said the mayor in a recent interview.

Suffice it to say, Dori doesn’t agree.

Listen to Dori lambastes Seattle mayor over proposed new city speed limits to protect bikers

“It’s another attempt by McSchwinn to help out all of his bicycle buddies who helped get him into office,” Dori complains.

“McGinn doesn’t think about anybody in the city except the bicycle community that got him elected…how about all the drivers, all the people who actually have families and have jobs in the city and they have to use their cars.”

Dori also disputes the data, and suggests his own life saving measure: get all the bike riders off the road instead.

-Josh Kerns/97.3 KIRO FM

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