KTTH Election Guide 2014

Oct 18, 2014, 10:48 PM | Updated: Nov 4, 2014, 10:31 am

Find out how our KTTH talk show hosts are voting in the 2014 Election.

I-594: Background checks for firearm sales and transfers

Michael Medved- No. Initiative 594 would add layers of bureaucracy and inconvenience to law-abiding gun owners while doing little or nothing to stop criminals or the mentally ill from getting guns.

David Boze- No. The sloppy language regarding “transfers” has proponents arguing that they can “fix” this later. I’m not convinced it was all that sloppy.

Ben Shapiro- No. The 18-page law is far too broad and far too vague. Many law abiding citizens could do jail time thanks to this proposition.

I-591: To prohibit government from confiscating guns from citizens without due process

Michael Medved- No. It doesn’t make sense to tie Washington state gun policy to federal standards. Conservatives should give states more ability to make their own decisions, not less.

David Boze- Yes. The background debate isn’t about keeping people safe from violent people who have guns, but an ideological opposition to guns. There are other things to do for the money that would likely be more effective in helping to prevent violent crime.

Ben Shapiro- Yes. Local attempts to curtail Second Amendment rights will deprive Americans of their constitutional liberties.

I-1351: To direct the legislature to allocate funds to reduce class size and increase staff

Michael Medved- No. Class size isn’t the problem for students in our state. Inflexible bureaucracy regarding teachers and educational policy is.

David Boze- No. Staff support has increased dramatically over the last couple of decades. Enough of these unfunded mandates. Vote no. The Republican Majority Coalition is working on these issues anyway.

Ben Shapiro- No. We are spending plenty of cash on education at this point and this proposition is yet another attempt to create an unfunded mandate the state Supreme Court will then require money to fund.

Seattle Citizen Petition No. 1: To create a transportation authority to build a monorail

Michael Medved- A thousand times no. The only purpose of expanding the monorail would be to make the Central Link light rail look a bit less absurd by comparison.

David Boze- If all other light rail projects are cancelled, I could roll with something like this. But they are not and this would just be another waste of cash.

Ben Shapiro- Idiocy. The monorail project already ate over $147 million over the last decade. Reviving it is pure silliness.

Seattle Transportation Benefit District-Proposition No. 1: To authorize a $60 car license tab fee and 0.1 percent sales tax to help fund Metro in Seattle

Michael Medved- No way! Better idea: cut all spending on light rail and use the money to expand bus service.

David Boze- Tim Eyman may not be Seattle’s favorite guy, but car owners would do well to remember that there will never be an end to tab increases unless you draw a line.

Ben Shapiro- Absolutely not. We are already subsidizing bus riding to the tune of millions. If people want bus service, let them pay fair rates.

Proposition 1A and 1B: Should either of these preschool measures be enacted into law? Which one?

Michael Medved- No. Neither proposition deserves support. 1A adds mind-numbing bureaucracy while 1B adds both mind-numbing bureaucracy plus out-of-control government spending and a tax increase. Both are destructive, but 1B is even more ridiculous.

David Boze- I’d vote no on either. However, if felons are not already prohibited from providing childcare, I think it’s grossly irresponsible of the Council. My guess is that it’s attached to trigger your emotion and cloud the issue of cost and effectiveness. How much “enhanced training” does one need to care for children? And do we need to hire an organization to “facilitate communication between the City and childcare workers?” I thought the important communication was between parents and childcare workers? This looks like a political slush fund masquerading as social benefit. Prop 1B is another promise of a new program when the city has not kept up with its essential maintenance. New government studies just came out calling into question the effectiveness of these programs, yet we’re being told they’re the silver bullet for education. Well, they’ll cost plenty of silver, but they will not lead to long-term student success.

Ben Shapiro- Both of these propositions are horror shows. Proposition 1A is slightly less worse than Proposition 1B, given that it provides an unfunded mandate rather than immediately raising taxes and providing a basis for further increases in taxes.

The legislature eliminated, without a vote of the people, agricultural excise tax preferences for various aspects of the marijuana industry, costing an estimated $24,903,000 in the first ten years, for government spending. This tax increase should be repealed or maintained?

Michael Medved- Maintain. Pot grows don’t need or deserve special tax breaks.

David Boze- If I had to vote today, I’d vote to maintain. After all, according to so many proponents, the whole point of legalizing dope was supposed to be getting tax money from it.

Ben Shapiro- Repealed. Taxing marijuana will only continue to encourage the black market pot industry.

The legislature imposed, without a vote of the people, the leasehold excise tax on certain leasehold interests in tribal property, costing an estimated $1,298,000 in the first ten years, for government spending. This tax increase should be repealed or maintained?

Michael Medved- Maintained. The tribes already receive too many give-aways and special breaks, while afflicting the public with their predatory casinos.

David Boze- If I had to vote today, I’d vote to maintain. But I’ll reserve the right to change my mind by Election Day.

Ben Shapiro- Repealed. Increasing taxes for government spending is always foolish.

Suzan DelBene vs. Pedro Celis

Michael Medved- Of course, Pedro Celis is preferable to one of the most liberal members of Congress: Suzan DelMoney. He will succeed in D.C. as he’s succeeded in every task he’s ever faced.

David Boze- If you like Obama policies, you’ll love DelBene. I’d vote Celis. His life story is compelling and he’s a charming, accomplished, serious man, but his campaign has been rough.

Ben Shapiro- Pedro Celis

Clint Didier vs. Dan Newhouse

Michael Medved- Dan Newhouse will be a strong, conservative addition to the GOP caucus. Clint Didier would play a divisive, destructive role and provide a juicy target for Dems to pick off in 2016.

David Boze- As a result of the state’s “top two” primary system, we have two Republicans running at the same time. Didier is a charismatic man. His campaign for governor ended with his unfortunate joint attack on Dino Rossi, which showed while he had the passion, charisma and work ethic to be a formidable candidate, he did not yet have the judgment to be an effective political leader. I like Mr. Didier and believe his heart is in the right place, but I haven’t seen him try to broaden his appeal. I have friends supporting his campaign. But based on the mailer I received, he’s running as though he needs to denounce Republicans In Name Only more than he needs to broaden his appeal for a general election. When Mr. Didier did not get the endorsement of retiring Congressman Doc Hastings, his reaction was, again, less than gracious and impolitic. Speaking hotly about restoring freedoms and fighting for liberty is not the same as actually leading people in a direction you want them to go. Congress could use a shake-up, but those who lead it must be wise or they will find themselves way out front with no one behind them. Mr. Newhouse is endorsed by the NRA and is in “substantial agreement” with Human Life PAC (Didier got their endorsement). If I lived in that district, I’d vote Newhouse.

Ben Shapiro- Dan Newhouse

David Reichert vs. Jason Ritchie

Michael Medved- Dave Reichert has grown into a superb representative for his district and for the conservative cause. I’m proud to support him.

David Boze- In a chaotic world, I picture Reichert as sheriff running after the thugs destroying Seattle during the WTO riots when the Seattle PD was frozen by the liberal Seattle establishment. These days, the world is run by the equivalent of the Seattle liberal establishment and I’d prefer to have some guys like Reichert standing by to help save the day.

Ben Shapiro- Dave Reichert

Pam Roach vs. Cathy Dahlquist

Michael Medved- Cathy Dahlquist will be a far more constructive voice for conservative principles and help build a long-term GOP majority in the Senate.

David Boze- WOW! What an ugly race! Pam Roach has long been the state’s #1 political character. I’ve been the recipient of her best and worst sides and they are far apart. Her fans love the fact that she’s a fighter. The problem is, she’s swinging so chaotically, she ends up exhausting even those on her own side. Politically, she’s survived countless accusations related to her volatile temper, but this looks like the race she just can’t win. (Democrats + Republicans mad at Roach = defeat). Dahlquist is a respected state representative, has received support from the NRA (as has Roach), and would be a solid member of the Senate Majority Coalition. I thought some of Dahlquist’s attacks on Roach to be a bit of a stretch and her commercials with Democrat Chris Hurst to be painful. Then again, Roach has more than her share of difficulties. My head says to vote Dahlquist, but my heart says vote Roach. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which I’d give the upper hand when marking my ballot.

Ben Shapiro- Pam Roach

Denny Heck vs. Joyce McDonald

Michael Medved- A vote for Denny Heck is a vote for Nancy Pelosi. Go for McDonald.

David Boze- Denny “give ’em” Heck was a great TVW host, but the fact that he’d vote Pelosi as leader is all you need to know. Plus, Republicans have a solid, talented, and accomplished candidate in Joyce McDonald. She’s a former legislator, a member of the Pierce County Council, and a red-headed Scot! So in her we have a fighter and someone who knows our finances are out of order! I just wish McDonald had the financial support to give Heck a run for his money.

Ben Shapiro- Joyce McDonald

Will Republicans take control of the Senate?

Michael Medved- It’s very, very close, but very my best guess would be that when the dust settles, there are 52 Republican senators, 46 Democratic senators, and then the two Independent senators who caucus with the Democrats: Angus King of Maine and Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

David Boze- They certainly should. Polls seem to indicate that they’ll pick up enough seats. But I do think that, unlike the Democrats, who have a more united agenda once they get power, Republicans tend to be a more split coalition. There shouldn’t be wild expectations about what Republicans can accomplish. They still have to get a president’s willingness to sign something, so I don’t expect a major shift in the gridlock. I do think the Republicans will win the Senate.

Ben Shapiro- Yes, but by a slim margin.

Official Voter’s Guides:

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King County

Snohomish County

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