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Contracting and Remodels

Keever and Associates can help you remodel your home and stay within your budget, Pete says. (Photo courtesy Keever Remodeling)

SPONSORED — If you’re looking to do a whole home remodel, Pete recommends checking out a remodeling company like Keever and Associates. “We act as a go-between between the owner’s budget and the design,” Kyle Keever says, and can help you achieve your dream home within your means.

“We try to identify all the things they’re trying to get done,” he says, and if you’re coming in over your budget, he says they’ll help you figure out the most important aspects of your design.

“You’ve got to look at the return on your investment,” adds Pete. “I kind of keep tabs on what Remodeling Magazine says is the best ROI,” says Kyle. If you’re really interested in what the return on your remodel is, Kyle suggests speaking to a real estate agent.

He also says you can stay within budget by “value engineering.” There are many, many different kinds of materials, he says, and by looking at your options and weighing the look you’re going for, you can stay within your means. For example, Kyle says, a lot of homes have beadboard paneling or wainscoting. “You can do that with actual beadboard,” he says, which can be time consuming to install and the material itself can be expensive, or you can do that with a beadboard plywood. “That’s a pretty minor thing, but everything adds up,” he says. “And nobody will be able to tell the difference.”

Another benefit to Keever and Associates, Pete says, lies within their subcontractors. While it may be tempting to hire subcontractors yourself — you may think it’ll save you money — Pete says you’re really opening yourself up to a lot of liability.

Kyle says all of Keever and Associates’ subcontractors must file safety plans with the general contractor. If they don’t have a safety plan, Kyle says, “I know they’re not a professional.”

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