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Officer goes above and beyond for elderly man with bum ID

(Montebello Police Department)

When I’m stuck in line at the grocery store because someone is using a checkbook I try to practice patience.

When I’m waiting at an intersection for someone to notice the light turned green I try to practice patience.

When I’m at a restaurant and food takes longer than usual to arrive at my table I try to practice patience.

I do it all the time because I don’t think I’m a very patient person. That’s why today’s Daily Dose of Kindness struck me as so … kind.

A Montebello, California police officer was called to a bank a couple week back on a disturbance call. When Officer Robert Josett got there he found out the call was about a 92-year-old man who was trying to withdraw money. He couldn’t because his ID was expired.

This officer could have just explained this to the man and escorted him from the bank. He could have, at the very least, made sure he had family around to help him get his ID in order. But Officer Josset went above and beyond by taking the elderly man to the DMV and staying with him as he went through the process of getting a new ID.

Then, Officer Josset drove the man back to the bank so he could successfully withdraw money.

Someone snapped a picture of the officer holding the man’s arm to help him walk up to the bank teller. It’s very touching and, of course, has gone viral on the police department’s Facebook page.

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