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Resurgence of lumberyards

Lumberyards offer a variety of wood species at a higher quality than a big box store, says Pete. (AP Photo/File)

“The role of a lumberyard today is a source for people to be able to come down and get some real good expert direction and advice,” says Steve Compton of Compton Lumber. “We spend the majority of our time with a lot of our customers, just educating them on what it takes to do the project they’re wanting to do.”

Lumberyards, says Pete, are the place to go if you’re looking for quality materials for your building projects. If you’re wanting to build a deck or patio, he suggests checking out your local lumberyard versus a big box store; the quality will be higher, and you’ll be in the hands of experts.

Pete points out that, not only can you get quality two-by-fours or other standard pieces of lumber, you can also get different types of plywood; depending on how it’s manufactured, plywood can come in many different grades. Higher quality plywood can be used in cabinets and still look nice, and you can also get marine-grade plywood that’s made specifically for outdoor use without rotting.

He also adds that you can also get quality moldings at a lumberyard. Steve says they offer a variety of molding types in a variety of wood species.

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