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The world turns October into Brocktober

(File, Associated Press)

This month has been dubbed “Brocktober” for a Biddeford, Maine boy.

The 7-year-old has the aggressive cancer glioblastoma in his brain and spine, which he has been battling it for months.

“He just pushes right through it. It’s crazy. He’s like my little warrior,” his mother told WGME.

Lately, she says, Brock’s been feeling especially unwell from his treatments. She realized that he probably won’t be able to participate in the usual Halloween traditions. So, she put out an ask on Facebook to send him Halloween cards.

Within days their house began to fill with cards — Brock’s mother estimates close to a 1,000 — from all over the world.

If someone from the other side of the planet can take the time to buy, sign, and send a card to a little boy battling cancer then we for sure haven’t run out of good people.

In addition, Brock has been sent candy, toys, and Halloween decorations.

“Him being able to just sit there and relax and be comfortable and be able to also read and look at things and eat candy — tons of it — that, you know, clearly gives him a good feeling,” mom said.

She says he’s loved the outreach so much he’ll even sleep next to his candy.

“So comforting to see that he’s not always hurting.”

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