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Kindness takes a seat

(AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

Since starting my Daily Dose of Kindness segments on Seattle’s Morning News I’ve been accused of ruining makeup and making truckers cry. You’re welcome.

I cry most mornings, too. It’s a good cry. The kind of cry that comes from witnessing the best of humanity. There’s a whole lot of that in Plymouth, Minnesota.

KARE11’s Boyd Huppert, whose stories almost always make me cry, tells the story of 95-year-old Harvey Djerf. He takes two walks every day through his neighborhood with the help of two walking sticks. Along the way he finds breadcrumbs of kindness – chairs put out by his neighbors specifically for him.

“It’s kind of a status symbol in the neighborhood to have a chair out for Harvey,” one neighbor said.

“I’ll just peak out the window, ‘Harvey is in the chair!'” another neighbor exclaimed.

Harvey sits for a few minutes in each chair to catch his breath. Sometimes neighbors pop out to visit. Some bring him cookies. It’s a welcome sight for Harvey because, according to KARE11, he’s alone right now due his wife recovering from a stroke in a nursing home.

“Maybe other neighbors will be encouraged to do things like my neighbors have done for me,” Harvey says.

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