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Fake political ad targets Democrat Manka Dhingra

A political action committee has taken $200,000 from Washington Republicans to produce a fake political ad against Democrat Manka Dhingra from the perspective of a rather stereotypical Seattle.

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The fake ad is a 30-second commercial sarcastically supporting Dhingra, currently running for the state’s 45th District senate seat. It paints a cliche picture of Seattle. And, well, let’s admit it — while it’s an over-exaggeration, the image is not far off considering some corners of Seattle.

“Manka Dhingra is Seattle sophisticated; not like those Eastside soccer moms,” says a career woman in the fake political ad.

“Manka Dingro will give us free stuff … I love free stuff,” another hippy woman says.

The ad is featured on the website Seattle Liberals Love Manka Dhingra and is managed and paid for by Eastside Values. There’s also a Facebook page. The website offers people the ability to sign up online to say “no” to Manka Dhingra. It is not clear exactly what, or who, people are giving their personal information to.

Little is known about Eastside Values. Its address is for a post office box at Pine Lake Village. The state’s Republican party donated $200,000 to the organization in October — the group’s only donor — according to the Public Disclosure Commission. The Stranger reports that Eastside Values is a political action committee.

Dhingra has responded to the fake political ad via Facebook:

As a PROUD Eastside soccer mom, I am truly offended and shocked at how low and how deceptive the Washington State Republican Party has gotten with this ad! They went so far as to make a fake T-shirt with my campaign logo to trick voters into thinking this ad is from my campaign. If you are as outraged as I am, make sure you vote and tell all your friends to vote. We need honesty and integrity in the Washington State Senate. Not lies and false information.

Dhingra faces Republican opponent Jinyoung Englund for the 45th District seat. The position is highly sought after in the wake of Senator Andy Hill’s death last year, leaving the Republican-held seat open to a newcomer.

The fake ad brings to mind an “Almost Live” sketch about Eastside tourism from the late ’90s. Watching it from a modern day perspective, it appears things haven’t changed much.


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