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TBTL 101

What is Rawr: An exclamation to declare that something is awesome. This came to TBTL by way of Luke’s girlfriend, Vanessa, who provides the audio during “AwesomeNotAwesome”

What are The 10’s: This is simply a word to describe regular listeners of the show. From the early days, we referred to our “literally tens of listeners”. People picked up on it and soon began to refer to themselves as a 10. (Often preceded by city or neighborhood, i.e Ballard 10’s or Brooklyn 10’s)

What are The Elevens: The friends and family of the 10’s. They listen infrequently and often attend events seemingly under protest.

What is Meta: Local reporter Kelly O gave us this word during her infamous interview where she repeated her mantra “drunk people are so meta”. The actual word is an adjective that can mean “self-referential”. We adopted it and use it when we are being self-referential in the extreme. (We also use “inside to the power of inside”, a phrase used by an east-coast listener to describe when we are being meta in the extreme.)

What is Doucher: In deference to Jen, who doesn’t like the word “douche-bag”, Luke took to using “douche” when referring to certain people (example: people who wear blue tooths in restaurants) He often complained that it lacked a certain something. Jordan, a Beacon Hill 10 suggested “doucher”.

What is the “Andrews Date”: Jen and her husband, Jason’s, daily lunch date where she drinks red wine. She often credits this with keeping her weight in check. (Also referred to as the “Andrews Diet”)

What are Time Bandits: Those who listen to TBTL via podcast. They are often days behind.

Why does Luke call Jen “Flash”: This refers to a dinner party Jen once attended where a fellow diner berated a little league coach for nicknaming a particularly slow player “Flash”.

Why does Luke call Jen “RoadDog”: Because one night TBTL took calls and a woman told Luke he should tattoo Jen’s name on his arm because, “She’s your roaddog”.

What is Ad Proximum Convivium? It’s our latin motto meaning “On to the next party” (And we, like the original latin speakers, pronounce the v sound like a w, so it’s con-wee-wee-um)

What is The Diggstown Strategy: This is our official plan for ending an interview that is going horribly wrong. It is based on the 1992 James Woods film, Diggstown. Giving a big thumbs down is a repeated plot device in the film, so when we wondered how to communicate that we were going to end an interview prematurely, Jen suggested we use “the diggstown thumbsdown”. The strategey is simple; Jen will cue Sean for the “TBTL Breaking News Sounder” and then interrupt the show with the announcement that we must go immediately to a traffic report.

Why is Sean called “Japan’s #1 Mixer: In the earliest weeks of our show, we literally numbered our listeners in the tens. For some reason, some of these early listeners lived in Japan and listened to us via streaming during the day at work (due to the time distance…see?). One of them wrote a report for school referring to Sean as a “mixer” which is what they call deejays in Japan. You can imagine how very quickly Sean’s title came to be.

What is “tired and emotional” or “T & E”: This is a euphemism for being drunk. In Great Britain it’s libel to refer to someone as “drunk” unless you have legal proof (like blood test results). So the press there took to saying people were “tired and emotional”, and we adopted it as our own the very minute we heard about it.

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