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Home Depot employee pays for wheelchair-enabled boy’s costume

(AP Photo/Steven Senne, File)

The Mcilroy Family is the kind of family that makes their Halloween costumes from scratch. This year, at Home Depot, they got some extra help and a dose of kindness from an employee.

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Jackson Mcilroy, 7, is wheelchair-enabled and was looking for supplies for his costume when he met Valerie Baker. The two hit it off and she helped him, along with his mom Amy, find everything they needed. Valerie even unboxed a refrigerator because he needed the cardboard.

“We walked around the store trying to find different things to make Jack’s costume and by the time we got to the end she took us up to the register and took care of the whole, entire bill,” Amy said.

WTVD reports Valerie, for no other reason but that she wanted to, covered the cost of his costume. Amy posted about it to Facebook and, of course, it has thousands of “likes” now.

Valerie says it helped her to help Jackson.

“Just to see this small act go this far imagine if we all took one, small step forward every day,” Valerie said.

Now, Valerie says, she hopes to bring workshops to other Home Depot stores for families needing tutorials for wheelchair-friendly costumes.

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