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Nurse comforts dying patient with song

All nurses deserve recognition for the hard work they do. Especially for the emotional work, they put in for their patients.

Olivia Neufelder, who is a nurse in Nashville, put in that emotional work for 63-year-old Margaret Smith.

“You don’t have to be a nurse to who compassion for others. I’ve always been the strong one that’s able to help someone when they need me,” Neufelder said.

Smith was diagnosed with liver cancer last year and needed a transplant. In a video posted to Facebook that has now gone viral, we learn that she just got the devastating news that her health had declined to the point that she wouldn’t survive a liver transplant.

Neufelder was there to hear that news, too. She could tell Smith needed more than comforting words.

“She became a bit fearful during that time and I just said, ‘Hey Margaret, what’s your favorite song?'” Neufelder said.

Her favorite song is “Dancing in the Sky,” by Dani and Lizzi. The video, captured by a friend of Smiths, shows Neufelder holding Smith’s hand and singing that song through tears.

It’s worth a watch here.

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