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The homeless win when kindness multiplies

About a year ago, WTXF in Philadelphia featured a story about Brennon Jones, who gives free haircuts to the homeless right out on the street.

“For free. Totally Free. Feed them, provide them clothing, toiletries, the whole nine yard,” Jones said.

His mission to help others has itself been injected with an incredible act of kindness. Fellow Philly resident Sean Johnson heard Jones’ story and wanted to be part of it.

So, he decided to give Jones a fully-renovated barber shop.

“He said ‘listen, I’ve got a building I want you to come check it out’ he said ‘do you like this place?’ I said ‘yeah! I like it!’ He tosses me the keys and said it’s yours,” Jones said.

Turns out Johnson is also a barber and says because he’s had success he wants to now pay it forward.

The new shop will open in November with set days to exclusively serve the homeless.

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