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How my daughter’s Halloween went

(File, Associated Press)
LISTEN: How my daughter’s Halloween went

We’ll get to my daughter’s sugar-high in a moment. First, your Daily Dose of Kindness.

A 4-year-old girl in Colorado is using her hard-earned money to help a local police officer who is battling cancer.

TODAY reports Sidney Fahrenbruch, who has had a fascination with police for some time, visits the department about once a week and often brings them treats like candy or cookies.

Mom says on a recent trip she recognized the fundraising poster immediately and insisted that she donate her piggy bank with all of about $9 in cash and change.

In a way, she was returning a favor. You may remember the viral story from about 18 months ago when the same police department answered a very important call from her home.

Officer David Bonday, a different officer from the one that is battling cancer, was the hero that day. He was called there to help her check for monsters.

Four years old is a precious age. My daughter is now 4 and there’s been an explosion of imagination. She’s creative, funny and most importantly she’s fair and kind.

This is also about the age where the world is starting to make sense to her — this includes Halloween. She gets the concept and, because of that, she was ultra excited to trick-or-treat this year.

Above, you can listen to a montage of her Halloween bliss. I hope it gives you a dose of happiness today.

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