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Dreams come true on the football field

Sepp Shirey was born with cerebral palsy, but he never let that stop him from anything.

Growing up he loved playing Madden football on the Wii and then he started playing for real. He uses two canes to walk so those canes help him on the field, too. His dad says it’s football that inspired Sepp to push harder and try new things.

He recalled a moment to WTVR when Sepp was a child. Friends came tearing into the house to tell him to come watch Sepp outside.

“They said ‘Mr. Shirey. come outside quick! Sepp’s walking!’ And I walked out front and he was taking steps. He had ditched his walker and he was walking in the front yard chasing somebody.”

When high school came around Sepp continued to play. And it was at a recent Senior Night at his high school that his coaches decided he earned the right to have one more big play on the field.

The original plan was to have him carry the ball for a few yards. However, the players on the field – both Sep’s team and the opposing team – decided in the moment they’d let Sepp run as far as he could.

He ran 80 yards for a touchdown. The farthest he’s ever run in his life. No canes.

“Once I collapsed in the end zone some of their players, along with my team, were right there to help me up. But the fact that I fulfilled a dream that I’ve had forever – scoring a touchdown and crossing the goal line – it was incredible,” Sepp said.

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