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UPS driver delivers little boy’s dream

(File, Associated Press)

When you ask a child what he or she wants to be when they grow up — you’ll get funny answers sometimes.

Currently, my daughter wants to be Elsa from the movie Frozen. I always tell her that “being a princess won’t pay the bills,” and asked her what she’d like to do for work after she becomes Elsa. I think once she said “make ice” (har-dee-har-har), but she’s also seriously considering becoming a doctor thanks to the magical influence of the cartoon Doc McStuffins.

Anyway, there’s nothing funny about the dreams of little James in Forest City, North Carolina. His dream is to become a UPS driver. His mom posed a video on Facebook with a teary-eyed James asking for his own UPS truck so he could “drive around the world.”

His mom told WBTV that James has formed a special bond with UPS driver Kellie Martin, who started delivering their home’s route about a year ago.

Martin lets him on the truck to help get a box down from the shelf and they spend a little time together before Martin moves on to her next delivery. When a UPS contest came around, Martin entered her little buddy on his behalf and he won. He got a mini, drivable UPS truck that’s just his size.

“When he saw his truck he just jumped up and down and said :you got my UPS truck! you got my UPS truck!’ of course he jumped right into my truck and wanted to unload it immediately,” Martin said.

A gift so magnificent, James gave her not one but two donuts that day to say ‘thank you.’

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