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Mariners announcer on flubbed call: ‘I popped a hamstring’


Kyle Seager had a huge game Monday night for the Mariners, with two triples, a double, and a three-run home run that helped lift Seattle to a 10-2 win over the Yankees.

But one part of the game is overshadowing Seager’s big night.

That is Root Sports’ announcer Dave Sims’ offbeat call on the Seager homer.

Here’s how it sounded:

“There’s a drive! Deep to right field! Say goodbye!” Sims began, “Hey Lloyd! Do some … delivery … for the truck … to the airport!”

…Confused? You’re not alone. A Youtube video of that play-by-play has gone viral, and it’s been the target of mocking blog posts. Deadspin declared that Sims’ brain “broke” during the call.

“You know, I hadn’t even really thought about it,” Sims said on a call Tuesday from Atlanta, where the Mariners are starting a two-game series against the Braves.

So, what exactly happened?

“In the moment’s rush and excitement of the home run by Seager, it triggered a memory,” Sims explained.

“Lloyd (McClendon) always likes to talk about giving rewards with ice cream. I was trying to say, ‘Put in a takeout order and have it delivered to the airplane for the boys for the ride down to Atlanta.’ Real simple.”

Sims recognized it didn’t quite come out that way.

“I was so excited, and it happened so fast and I was trying to put three different thoughts together at the same time. And I popped a hamstring,” Sims laughed.

“I fouled up. It happens.”

Sims doesn’t like to dwell on mistakes in the broadcasting booth.

“One thing you have to know…in this business, you gotta be able to laugh at yourself. And I’ve laughed at myself during this whole time.”

And he’s not surprised the flub went viral. “I’d have done the same thing.”

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