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Seattle’s First Marijuana Tour is Set to Launch


Today, Washington state issued its very first legal marijuana license to a man aptly named Sean Green. It’s a month of firsts for the state’s blossoming marijuana industry: on March 15th, what’s thought to be Seattle’s first marijuana tour will launch.

“This is on St Patrick’s Day weekend,” says Kush Tourism CEO and owner, Michael Gordon. “We thought the green theme of the weekend would be a perfect time to open the company up to the public.”

Michael says they plan to offer five different experiences to curious pot enthusiasts.

“St Patrick’s Day weekend we’re going to be featuring a Grass and Glass tour. We’ll have an actual hands-on glass blowing class, there are lots of pipe blowers there. From there we’ll visit various marijuana culture spots in Seattle, such as a glass shop. We’ll actually be going to another place where we’ll have a trimming demonstration.”

Seattle chef Mary White will teach a pot cooking class.

“You think maybe she’s only going to be making brownies and cookies but we’re talking Pad Thai and curry. She’s a fantastic chef. So if you don’t know how to make your marijuana butters and oils, Mary White will teach you how. We actually go to a private residence, it’s beautiful, you’re overlooking the water, you’re in a fantastic kitchen. There’s nothing illegal about marijuana in the state of Washington now.”

The big question: Are you allowed to smoke on the tour?

“Currently we’re not allowed to smoke on the tour. This is something that may change as legislation continues to to develop in the state of Washington. As soon as its possible, we’re going to do it. I think one of the beautiful things about our tour is that it provides a behind-the-scenes look at the marijuana industry. If you’re just interested in smoking, it’s something we can all do in our homes. But the unique thing about our tour is it provides access to the business owners behind the glass industry, or the medical marijuana industry, information that you wouldn’t have otherwise. So smoking, it almost seems not important on the tour.”

Michael hopes his tours will break down stereotypes and change the perception of marijuana culture.

“We feel like it’s an opportunity to really bring marijuana into the public spotlight and show that it is a regular business. This is our brewery tour, this is our access to the vineyard or the winery. Except it’s marijuana and Seattle, we’ve got a great opportunity here.”

Click here for tour information.

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