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Don says goodbye to his sister for the last time

Don's sister Collen Cawthon recently passed away after a long battle with Lyme Disease.

Everyone in the Ron and Don Nation is heartbroken by the loss of Don’s sister Colleen, who passed away recently after a long battle with Lyme Disease.

Don has just returned from an overwhelming memorial service celebrating this incredible woman, wife, mother, songwriter and worship leader at her church in New Mexico. He’s learned a number of lessons from the experience and is sharing them today on the Ron and Don Show.

Here’s some inspiration from Colleen she posted on a blog soon after she first started experiencing symptoms of the disease:

“Don’t waste another moment not enjoying this big, awesome life God has given you! If you’ve got two legs, dance! Don’t waste your thoughts on what other people think of you…chances are they never think about you at all! And when your kids want to play, play! The laundry will always be there and you can rest when you’re old! When you’re feeling overwhelmed, choose to be thankful to God, instead, that you are able to do all you GET to do!” – Colleen”

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