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Build a Snack Stadium for the Super Bowl (Including guacamole field & sour cream end zones!)

Last year's Snackadium in all of it's snacky glory! (All photos by Heather Arment)

Before I tell you about the amazing, creative Super Bowl party West Seattle’s Heather Arment and Kathleen Hite have planned, I’d like you to hear their mantra.

“We wanted to do something big for the Super Bowl because our mantra is ‘A normal life is a wasted life,'” Heather said.

So what they created for the Super Bowl is a Snack Stadium.

“I like to call it a Meat Stadium,” Kathleen said. “Heather likes to call it a Snackadium.”

So what exactly is a Snackadium?

“It’s a ginormous vessel, six feet long by three feet wide, of American football food. It’s really a miniature stadium on your dining room table. Everything in it, for the most part, is orange: there’s hot dogs and wings and Cheetos, TGI Friday fried macaroni and cheese pockets.”

This is the second year for the Snackadium, and last year they filled all six feet of snack space. But this year they’re asking friends to help fill it. The Snackadium has numbered sections, so friends were able to choose a section to call their own and fill it with whatever football snack they like.

“There’s jalapeno poppers, homemade. There’s gonna be green pretzels, homemade pretzels. I think the quality of food is going to go up exponentially this year. We’re thinking this is going to be a higher end Snackadium. Because people are all going to be tasked with one item, so they’re going to want to make it badass. I don’t think it’s going to be too posh, but it’s going to be a nice assortment of yummy foods. Not just ‘everything’s orange’ like last year.”

So that takes care of the stadium seat sections, and then there is the actual field.

“So the field is going to be guacamole and then you add the sour cream for the lines and the end zones. You need your Slim Jim uprights.”

And for decorations?

“We move all of our furniture out of the house and roll out Astroturf in our living room. Guests bring lawn chairs and everyone sits there. So it’s kind of like a tail gate party.”

On top of all of this awesomeness, there is one more squeal-worthy party perk.

“This year we’re having a Puppy Bowl. We don’t ordinarily have puppies around the house, but we’re fosters for Seattle’s Ginger’s Pet Rescue and we’re fostering a momma dog and her four little, tiny pups. We have a playing field for the puppies and a little pen to keep them in. For our guests, we’ve collected the businesses that they work for, we have their logos, and we printed them out on vinyl so the logos line the stadium. Like a football stadium, a real one.”

In case you’re wondering what the puppies names are, and you should be wondering, they are Biscuit, Flank, Potato and Chickpea.

Check out Heather and Kathleen’s blog to learn how to make your own Snack Stadium.

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