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Ron and Don: Web searches show Bothell murder suspect ‘delusional’

A man accused of killing his wife left a digital footprint behind, making it easy for investigators to identify him as a suspected murderer. Snohomish County resident Alan J. Smith allegedly killed 37-year-old Susann Smith, also known as the mother of his children.

The issue arose as a result of a custody battle over his children during a nasty divorce with his wife. It seems he was enraged at the thought of his children leaving the country with Susann, back to her home in Germany.

Bothell Police discovered Susann murder on Feb. 12, responding to her Bothell home because she hasn’t shown up for work. After arriving to the home, officers found Susann dead in her home from head injuries.

Alan Smith was identified as a person of interest in her death.

Clearly he did not feel confident in his own abilities to kill, and thought a Google search would point him in the right direction. Officers found that Smith web searched things like: CSI, forensic files, DNA tests and how long they take, and how to get a fake passport.

“It seems that cops always seem to find the digital footprints,” says KIRO Radio host Ron Upshaw.

“People always think they are never going to get caught, especially because of the shows on channel 271 (Investigation Discovery),” says Don O’Neill.

The guys think Smith is delusional for thinking he could get away with murdering the mother of his children, and to research information on forensics, is just plain thoughtless.

“Maybe he should have researched what it would be like to live in a 6-by-8-foot cell for the rest of his life,” adds Don.

Report by intern Hannah Kadletz

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