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Gay Be Gone! Michele Bachmann’s Ex-Lesbian Friend Can Pray your Gay Away

By Rachel Belle

janet boynes before and after

Listen to Gay Be Gone! Michele Bachmann’s Friend Can Pray Your Gay Away

You can be an exboyfriend, an ex-con, an expat; but can you be an ex-lesbian?

Janet Boynes says you can. The founder of Janet Boynes Ministries says she was a lesbian for 14 years until God called her back to men.

“I’m a living example that change is possible,” Boynes told me over the phone from Minnesota.

She says gay people flock to her ministry asking for help.

“I receive emails all the time from men and women that are struggling with homosexuality that always say ‘I want out and I don’t know how to get out’ and they say ‘Will you help me?’ But, ultimately, they have to make the change. I can help them change. I can give them spiritual principles that I believe will transform their lives.

Boynes’ story is plenty interesting on its own, but add in the fact that she’s friends with Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann, and her husband Marcus, make her even more intriguing. Senator Bachmann wrote a reference on Boynes’ website and Boynes thanked the couple in her book, Called Out: A former Lesbian’s Discovery of Freedom. Marcus Bachmann, a therapist, has been criticized for offering reparative therapy to gay patients. These are all facts that Janet doesn’t wish to speak about. I asked her what her relationship with the Bachmann’s is. Are they friends?

“You know, if you have a question for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, I think you need to contact her. Anything about Michele Bachmann or Marcus Bachmann has nothing to do with my ministry. That’s my personal life and we’re not talking about my personal life. Anything dealing with my personal life, I choose not to talk about.”

But Janet actually has no problem talking about her personal life. She didn’t hesitate to tell me about her past drug and alcohol addictions and how she became a lesbian.

“I was dating this wonderful guy and we were gonna get married. But this guy, at that time, was a professional bike racer and a drummer and he was gone all the time. So I started spending time with this one woman and we were spending every weekend together because my fiance was gone. I wind up sleeping with her and I walked away from my Christian faith for 14 years.

Boynes says no one is born gay.

“There are certain things I believe that propel us to go into a life of homosexuality, just like any other type of addiction that we have a tendency for going into. I was raised in a family of seven kids and had four different fathers. The man that my mother married, who was not my father, molested me and then I was molested by an alter boy. I never felt that men treated me right. I watched my mother be abused by my step-father.”

She says statistics show that 90% of lesbians were molested, so she thinks they chose to give up men.

“We make a choice to either become heterosexual or homosexual. You don’t come out of your mother’s womb as an addict or a pedophile, you make a choice to do that, right?”

I asked Boynes if she thinks there is a correlation between addicts and pedophiles and being gay.

“I don’t know if you can say there’s a correlation,” she responded, “but what I’m saying is you make choices.”

To her credit, Boynes says she doesn’t want to bring down the gay community and says she has love for gay people. But, as the 2012 election draws closer, Janet Boynes and the Bachmanns seem trying to move farther away from each other for political reasons.


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