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Jason Rantz


Impeachment Obsession Could Damage America & Destroy Democrats

Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, arrives for a Democratic Caucus meeting on Capitol Hill. (AP)

With media focusing on the Jerusalem debate and the Al Franken groping scandal, few Americans noticed a menacing development on the House floor. There, Representative Al Green of Texas pushed ahead with his relentless drive to impeach Donald Trump. Without citing specific “high crimes or misdemeanors”, and without waiting for special counsel Mueller’s report, Green focused on rhetoric, denouncing Trump for language that “divides and damages the social fabric.”

Amazingly, 58 Democrats joined Green in voting to move forward with Impeachment – a full third of all Democrats in the House. If they take control of the chamber a year from now, it’s a virtual certainty that angry Democrats would manufacture an impeachment crisis to paralyze the country. Even for those who harbor grave doubts about aspects of the president’s performance, this should be a frightening prospect—and Democrats with any sense of perspective and balance must speak out against these excesses to reclaim the mantle of loyal opposition.

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