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What should Seattle’s hockey team be named?

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On Thursday, Seattle moved closer to getting an NHL team when the league’s commissioner issued a formal request to seek approval for a new franchise.

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If the city does get a franchise, what should the Seattle hockey team be called?

A Twitter poll suggests a return to the past could be the way to go. Thirty-three percent of those who responded by 10:30 a.m. on Friday voted for the Seattle Metropolitans. Seattle Sockeyes and Seattle Totems were tied with 25 percent of the vote each.

The Seattle Freeze, had 17 percent — an idea initially put forward by KIRO Radio host Zak Burns, referencing the idea that it is particularly difficult to make friends in the Emerald City.

Other suggestions for Seattle hockey team names:

  • Seattle Icicles
  • Seattle Steelhead
  • Seattle Pilots
  • Seattle Lattes
  • Washington Yetis
  • Seattle Traffic Jam
  • Seattle Millionaire Tax Write-offs
  • Seattle Passive Aggressives
  • Seattle Sasquatch
  • Seattle Blades
  • Seattle Lumberjacks

Of course, the city may want to avoid letting the public choose its team name, especially in this age of Internet trolling. One needs to only go back as far as last year to find a regrettable name selected by the public. A British government agency let “the Internet” select a name for a polar research vessel. That $287 million investment is now called “Boaty McBoatface.”

Hopefully Seattle hockey fans would be a little more respectful of their team’s name, otherwise we will be cheering for the “Passive Aggressives,” “Traffic Jam,” or, perhaps, the “Sticky McSticksticks.”

Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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