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Seeking: Kind people

I’ll go around the world to find a story of kindness to share on Seattle’s Morning News, but I’m delighted when the story comes from our local community.

I have the Tacoma News Tribune to thank for today’s Dose of Kindness. Right on their home page is the story of Casmin Savare, her four boys and the real estate agent who was listing for sale the home Casmin was renting. Please click to go read/watch the story.

We continue the trend today that I posted about yesterday. The trend in which someone involved in a story about kindness says something like: “This has restored my faith in humanity.”

I’m convinced that there are more good people out there than we give this world credit for and I’m determined to root them out and publicly praise them. Please feel free to share stories of kindness – even if they are your own, or a friend, or friend-adjacent – so that I can share more local good news.

My email is [email protected] and I’m on Twitter, @ColleenKIROFM.

You can hear Colleen O’Brien’s “Daily Dose of Kindness” segment every morning at 7:30 a.m. on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM.

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