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Protesters lock themselves to machinery at Port of Tacoma

Two protesters climbed onto a construction crane Monday and locked themselves to the heavy machinery at the Port of Tacoma.

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The pair is protesting a Puget Sound Energy construction project at the port for a natural gas facility. The two protesters kayaked to the facility this morning, went ashore, and climbed up the crane.

In response to the protestors’ action, Puget Sound Energy released this statement:

We have been working with the Tacoma Police Department and the Tacoma Fire Department to safely bring down two protesters who made their way onto heavy equipment on our LNG facility this morning.

While we respect everyone’s right to express their opinions, safety is our priority. Breaking into a heavy construction site and crawling on heavy equipment is extremely dangerous to both the trespassers and first responders.

Construction is continuing on the site.

The port argues that the natural gas facility will offer local companies and vessels a cleaner fuel alternative.

The Puyallup Tribe says the $8 million facility will put the lives of the people living in the area in danger. The Tribe’s “Water Warriors” talked to The Native Daily Network on why they’re protesting, arguing the facility poses a high risk of exploding, and contributes to ongoing reliance on fossil fuels.

The activists also have two online petitions underway. One urges regional officials to halt the facility’s construction. Another asks state officials to take action. Both currently have more than 39,000 signatures.

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