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Man’s Christmas wish was to give back to his community

(AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)

This is the story about a man who loves his community so much that he decided his Christmas wish should in some way give back.

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Jaspal Singh told WTIC reporters that he moved to Waterbury, Connecticut five years ago to open a business. Five years later he’s so grateful to the community for welcoming him with open arms and for the success that his business has had. But one thing stood out to him – and that was how many people were sleeping on the streets.

So his Christmas wish this year was to make sure anyone who finds themselves sleep outside at least wouldn’t go hungry.

“Before they go to bed they should have food in their belly. That’s my only wish,” Singh told WTIC.

As a business owner you could say he knew people. They jumped at the chance to help. Now, every Saturday Singh rents out Frank’s Hot Dog King food truck so everyone can eat.

His next goal is to collect blankets and food, calling the spirit and feeling of giving priceless.

“This is my people now. This is my city now. Every time I see someone smiling I say ‘thank you, God, thank you, God’ and I just want to do something to just I could give smiles to more people,” Singh said.

Watch the video from WTIC to get the full effect of his generosity and think about how you can help someone today. Maybe that just involves buying and extra lunch today and handing it to someone who could use it. And don’t forget to smile.

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