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Erie snow
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Veteran volunteers find purpose in helping others

Rochelle Carlotti, 28, shovels steps near her home after a record snowfall on Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017, in Erie, Pa. The National Weather Service office in Cleveland says Monday's storm brought 34 inches of snow, an all-time daily snowfall record for Erie. (Greg Wohlford/Erie Times-News via AP)

Bitter cold and record snow dominate parts of the East Coast and Midwest this week.

Erie, Pennsylvania is getting inundated with snow, which poses a unique danger to people with low mobility. They can’t shovel away the snow to clear a path, let alone trudge through it to get essentials like groceries.

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That’s where Team Rubicon steps in. Recently, Mary Johnson had her front porch cleared of snow by the all-volunteer group.

“I’ve very grateful. I can’t say thank you enough. For once, it may sound funny but, I feel like someone is actually helping. I just feel good all over,” Johnson said.

Team Rubicon was started for a couple of reasons. First, of course, it feels good to help people in need. And second, for people like Matt Sanders, he does it to help people like himself — a veteran.

Sanders told Erie News Now: “Team Rubicon is all about finding more purpose to serve. There’s a lot of veterans here and when we get out a lot of us are without purpose in a lot of different ways and so being able to find that purpose through the team that the team provides for us – it’s amazing.”

You can read more about Team Rubicon here and learn about how they helped the town clean up after a tornado.

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