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Actor Christopher Judge discusses mystery role in “The Dark Knight Rises”

Actor Christopher Judge is excited to take part in “The Dark Knight Rises”, coming to theatres this summer. (AP)

With the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman’ series set for this summer, plenty of rumors abound as to how the movie will play out. But actor Christopher Judge, who plays an unknown character in The Dark Knight Rises, wasn’t about to reveal any of those important details to KTTH’s David Boze.

“I can talk more about the experience than the role,” Judge told “The David Boze Show” on AM 770 “The Truth”. “It was one of the most bizarre experiences — not the set or dealing with anyone, but the secrecy surrounding it. I’ve never really dealt with a project of that scale.”

Judge is no stranger to acting. For ten years he played “Teal’c” in the Stargate SG-1 television series, and also spent some time as a voice-over actor in the X-Men: Evolution cartoon series.

Yet for Judge, the new Batman movie was one of the biggest challenges of his acting career, in part because of director Christopher Nolan and his demanding style.

“Generally what you do when you get a call time is the [Associate Director] would then read you your lines for the next day because no one got scripts. So you could kind of at least have in your mind roughly what you were going to be doing the next day. Then you’d get to set and it would all change, and it was like that constantly,” Judge explained.

“[It] was incredibly freeing as an actor but incredibly scary.”

One time when Judge went to the set three hours early to avoid Los Angeles’ horrendous traffic, he was surprised when Nolan immediately threw him into a scene on the fly. Another time, Judge spent a week rehearsing a minor bike scene that was only in the movie for a few seconds.

The excellence demanded from Nolan shows why the Batman movies have been so popular, explains Judge. “The level of perfection that [Nolan] wants, he doesn’t like to do a whole bunch of takes on stuff so it kind of had to be right immediately.”

Despite a successful career in television and in the movies, Judge has never had a role as big as The Dark Knight Rises. While many people recognize him from his time on television, he’s looking forward to being a part of a summer blockbuster for once.

“It is a very exciting time — the movie is so big. The movie is not called ‘Chris Judge’s character’, it’s called The Dark Knight so you know it’s going to be a huge deal.”

By Michael Simeona, editor

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