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Auto mechanics turn Macgyver for coworker who lost arm

(File, Associated Press)

They’re auto mechanics — not doctors — but that didn’t matter when it came to their love for a co-worker.

Tony Leonard suffered from a childhood spinal condition that created problems for him in adulthood. Most significantly, most of his left arm was amputated. Without the balance of his arm, he was confined to a wheelchair, but his boss took action.

CBS News has a series called “A More Perfect Union” and in this example of how Americans unite instead of divide, a Honda auto mechanic shop used their unique skills and technology to build Tony a new arm.

Employees were hesitant, at first.

“I’m an engineer for parts for cars, how am I going to build an arm? I’m not a doctor,” one coworker told CBS News.

One scanned his arm, one printed parts for the arm, another built the electrical circuits needed to make it work and yet another sourced materials from as far away as Japan.

The arm was done and functioning beautifully for Tony after some trial and error and now he’s learning to walk again.

“They got me out of this chair. How do you thank the guys for doing that for you?” Tony asked. “All I can think of is continue to get stronger and use the very product that they provided for me.”

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