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Sumner officer makes littlest law enforcement fan’s day

(Sumner Police Department)

A Sumner police officer went above and beyond the call of duty and made a boy’s day.

Q13 posted about the exchange, which was also shared on the Sumner Police Department’s Facebook page.

Officer Sullivan had just finished responding to a call. He was driving through Oliver’s neighborhood and noticed the 3-year-old waiving at him. The officer stopped and Oliver ran into his house to retrieve his toy police car.

One might think the boy would just want to show the officer his toy, but instead asked for his autograph and the officer obliged. Then, he took Oliver on a tour of his police cruiser and took a picture with him.

His mom commented on the picture, which was posted on Facebook: “Officer Sullivan you truly made my sons day. He has talked about you pretty much everyday now. Oliver can’t wait to tour the police station!! Thank you for your service.”

It’s the little things.

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