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Update: Man meets life-saving donor at Super Bowl

(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

The other day a listener named Angelica reached out to me on Twitter to ask for an update to one of my Doses of Kindness. I’m happy to deliver.

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Before the Super Bowl, I told you about a man in Kansas City, Missouri whose life was saved by a bone marrow donor. The medical facility that made the donation possible has rules that keep the donor’s identity private for at least two years.

Right before the Super Bowl, Roy Coe received a phone call and learned his donor’s identity. He was dumbstruck at who it was.

“The transplant coordinator at the clinic called me up and said, ‘hey, you have a chance to meet your donor if you want’ and said ‘you also have a chance to go to the Super Bowl,'” Coe told FOX4 TV.

That’s because his donor was an NFL player. Coe and his girlfriend went to Minnesota and got to witness the historic Eagles victory, but a more special moment came when he met his donor. It was New Orleans Saints rookie wide-receiver Austin Carr. The athlete got on the marrow transplant list two years earlier while playing college football at Northwestern University.

Coe said he’s forever grateful to the man who saved his life.

“Thanks to this guy, I got a chance to irritate my grandkids for a little while longer,” Coe joked.

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