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I break these ‘laws’


You are under no obligation to follow an illegal law. In fact, I argue that it is our moral obligation as American citizens to refuse to follow rules created by the government that are blatantly illegal. The laws I am breaking are demonstrably illegal.

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The first illegal law that I break is the law that requires me to register my car at the address at which I live. Instead of doing that, I register my car at one of our other properties — this one in Eastern Washington.

Remember, this is illegal and you can get a ticket. The actions my listeners and I have taken in this regard is completely justified because the method used by the serial law-breakers and thugs at Sound Transit to value our cars. That method is illegal. What makes it illegal? The elected Legislature of Washington state has twice disqualified it from being used. But Sound Transit gets away with it because Democrats are afraid to mess with the gravy train — the agency’s money-laundering to their election funds and Sound Transit’s payoff to their donors.

I am not hiding my law-breaking. I told Sound Transit’s boss — King County Executive Dow Constantine — and their Chief Thief Pete Rogoff about it. But Sound Transit has tried to hide theirs. Dow even liked my tweet; thanks for endorsing my tax protest, Dow!

The second illegal law I break is the I-405 express lane tolls. Those are being illegally charged. How are they illegal? When WSDOT was given permission to try them on a pilot basis, they agreed they had to meet two standards: revenue and average speed. They hit the revenue and missed the speed.

According to the letter of the law and their own testimony, that means the lanes are to be shut down. Why isn’t that happening? Because Democrats want to auction off your personal mobility and cause as much pain as necessary to force you into buses and onto choo-choo trains.

Everyone in Olympia knows the lanes are illegally operating. I break that law by defacing my license plate with a blue dry erase pen when I drive through that area. I am not hiding my law breaking. To be fair, WSDOT isn’t really hiding theirs. They got Sideshow Bob, our part-time Attorney General and full-time fundraiser for his gubernatorial run to pretend that “and” could mean “or.” The law says WSDOT must meet revenue and speed averages.

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