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Students react to a violent world

If you think our kids are blissfully ignorant of the violence happening right now – think again. This Dose of Kindness happened because kids keep hearing about shootings and, I’d venture to guess, feel a bit more motivated to try and help because they seem to be the main targets.

A fifth grade class in Andover, Kansas decided they’d bring some kindness into the lives of others by giving up their Valentine’s Day party and using that day instead to spread kindness.

A quote from the Wichita Eagle from one student: “When we saw all the violence on TV and internet, like the shootings, we asked [our teacher] how we could change what’s going on in the world.”

The teacher, as it turns out, has always taught the kids about the power of one small act of kindness. She’d already started The Kindness Project at Prairie Creek Elementary.

This Valentine’s Day, they used that initiative to donate 250 Valentine’s Day boxes to an organization that helps kids with life-threatening medical conditions.

Of course, it doesn’t need to be Valentine’s day to do something like this. If you are a parent or teacher and a class wants to join The Kindness Project post about your act of kindness with the hashtag #RoadToKindness.

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