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Luke Burbank would rather fly with guns than babies

TSA agents caught two travelers trying to get through security Wednesday with loaded handguns. (AP file)

Guns and babies. They’re two of KIRO Radio’s Luke Burbank’s pet peeves. But with the recent discovery of several fliers trying to get through security at Sea-Tac airport with loaded weapons, Burbank says he’d rather have the gun owners on his next flight.

His comments come in response to the news this week TSA agents intercepted two handguns within a four-hour period Wednesday morning, U.S. Homeland Security reported.

The first gun was found at about 5:20 a.m. in the carry-on bag of a man heading for San Francisco.

The second was a loaded handgun in the baggage of a man flying to Chicago.

TSA has now intercepted 24 guns at Sea-Tac so far in 2013.

But Burbank, who often calls for stricter gun laws, says he’s actually not all that worried about someone bringing a gun on a plane.

“I don’t assume any bad intent from these people who had these guns. I think these were just gun owners who probably had concealed carry permits,” he speculates.

“You’re not going to be able to take a plane down with a loaded gun,” he says. “You might kill a person or two but we’re going to take you down.”

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