5 things to consider when buying blinds

Mar 15, 2018, 9:44 AM | Updated: Jun 12, 2018, 10:10 am


SPONSORED — When it comes to your home, windows are the, well, windows to its soul. So if it’s time to treat your home to a facelift, choosing blinds is an important part of that process. Before you start perusing warehouses and showrooms, there are a few things you should know about shopping for blinds.

Know what you’re looking for

The world of blinds is, well, blinding. Check out any warehouse or showroom and you’ll find myriad choices available. Plantation shutters, mini blinds, roller shades, vertical blinds — the list goes on and on. To narrow your search, think about where your blinds will be installed. If your blinds will go in a bedroom, you’ll want to ensure you’re buying room-darkening blinds. Smaller slat blinds close more tightly, ensuring less light escaping into your room. To save money on your energy bill, Budget Blinds recommends honeycomb shades, which “cells” built in to keep air from escaping or entering into your home. It is important to call a professional blind specialist when considering all of these details.

Think safety

If you’re like most people, you buy blinds to get a little privacy — and safety — from the outside world. But depending on the blinds you have in your home, your window coverings could be making your family less safe, just by donning your windows. If you’ve got long cords spilling from your blinds, it’s time to look into a safer option.

Fortunately, your options just opened wide. In January, the Window Covering Manufacturer’s Association approved new window covering safety standards that require all blinds sold in the United States and Canada to “be cordless or have inaccessible cords.” That could be added motivation for you if your current setup involves cords that could become strangulation hazards to your children.

Take care with doors

Your windows aren’t the only opening that require a little love and protection. Your doors – whether they’re French doors or a windowed door – also need blinds. Keep in mind when shopping for door blinds that you’ll want to buy shallow blinds to ensure they don’t get in the way of your door hardware. You’ll also want to keep in mind that mounting door blinds is a bit different than mounting window blinds, as door don’t have depth like windows do. You’ll need special mounting hardware, including hold-down brackets, to do the job right.

Consider the look from the outside-in

Blinds might seem like a functional element, but when you’re adding them to your home, form matters just as much. That’s why it’s important to buy something you’ll enjoy looking at for years to come and be proud of other people seeing as well. After all, your blinds aren’t just there for your enjoyment; they also affect your home’s curb appeal. Take care when selecting blinds that will be installed in focal-point areas, like the windows surrounding your front door or in your entryway.

Consult a professional

From design to function to safety, there are several things to consider when you’re shopping for blinds. That’s why it’s important to get a professional’s guidance whenever you can. A professional blind consultant can help you determine which blinds suit your needs and style. The Puget Sound Family of Budget Blinds Franchises in-home consultations can help you decide on the best options for your home and family.


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5 things to consider when buying blinds