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Chicago cop becomes construction worker for a good cause

(File, Associated Press)

A Chicago police lieutenant took on a brand new mission after 27 years on the force. It came to him as he drove through an intersection on the city’s northwest side.

Lieutenant John Garrido stopped at a beat-up looking newsstand, where he met a homeless Air Force veteran. His name is Anthony Johnson. While homeless, Johnson still works at the newsstand.

At that moment Garrido knew what he wanted to do. He thought that at the very least he could help Johnson build a better newsstand. NBC Chicago said he used Facebook Live to ask for community help.

“I figured a few people would step up, but it was overwhelming,” Garrido said.

Not only did people show up, they built him a new, sheltered newsstand, bought him new clothes, and raised enough money to find him a place to live.

Johnson was nearly speechless but said he’s always believed in the kindness of strangers.

“I always think positive myself about people, there are only a few bad ones out there,” Johnson said.

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