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Seattle cop rips Mayor Durkan’s gun violence plan

Some Seattle officers wonder why the city isn't doing more to punish criminals. (AP)

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan unveiled a plan to tackle Seattle’s gun violence that doesn’t at all address Seattle’s gun violence.

How Seattle is using ERPO laws

Instead, it aims to punish people who don’t properly store guns, which is hardly a problem in Seattle. Indeed, gang violence and dangerous armed home invasions are an issue, but Durkan is too busy ignoring those issues.

I’m not the only one pointing out the ridiculous plan. Seattle police officers are as well. I’ve talked to a few who are wondering why Durkan’s priorities don’t include the leading cause of criminal gun violence.

One cop gave me permission to quote them, though anonymously out of fear of retribution.

“I’m not worried about ‘Joe Citizen’ and his collection of guns,” the officer explained to me. “I would like them to lock them up when they leave, in case their house or car gets broken into. But as for curbing gun violence, it’s an absolute joke. I don’t know how that’s actually going to change the people actually out there committing the crimes.”

Indeed, there has been a string of dangerous home invasions where people have been held hostage. One officer said he is frustrated by having to keep arresting the same people over and over again.

“It would be awesome if they came up with extremely heavy jail or prison time for anybody out there illegally with a gun,” the Seattle officer explained. “[We need] a city prosecutor that actually will charge the CPL (concealed pistol license) violators, or will get tough on violent crime, instead of not even a slap on the wrist and out they go to commit more crime, months or a year before their trial dates.”

Why the crime report is a work of fiction

The officer expresses a concern I’ve heard from quite a few cops: Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, and others, will be light on some offenders, pushing them through restorative justice programs. But these officers argue, they don’t always work and, instead, these criminals re-offend.

Missing from Durkan’s plan? Any meaningful ways to be tougher on the crime that’s running too rampant in our communities. Perhaps if she spoke to more cops, her plan might better address the actual problems Seattle is facing.

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