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Snoqualmie officers help victims of I-90 car crash with GoFundMe

A snowstorm triggered a number of crashes across Snoqualmie Pass last weekend, including one that killed a pregnant woman. (Eastside Fire)

I got a tweet yesterday from the ‘Living Snoqualmie’ wanting to nominate a story for the Daily Dose of Kindness. I think it’s certainly worth our attention because it’s about two Snoqualmie Police Officers going above and beyond.

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It’s about what followed a tragic story on the night of Easter. A snowstorm triggered a number of crashes across Snoqualmie Pass and I-90 and one crash took the life of a pregnant mother. Her husband and two children were hospitalized.

Officers Rick Cary and Scott Bruton were the first on the scene. They’re both fathers, too, and were heartbroken for the family.

So, Living Snoqualmie reports, the two launched a GoFundMe for the family through the Snoqualmie Police Association. They named it after the mother who died: The Alyssa Helfenstein Memorial Fund.

That fund is nearing its goal.

A big thank you to Living Snoqualmie for bringing this to our attention.

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