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Would you be willing to rent out your car?

(Matt Pitman, KIRO Radio)

Perhaps a car share company already has a solution to some of Seattle’s car-related problems.

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Turo, a peer-to-peer car sharing company that operates in cities across the country, allows users to essentially become their own rental agency. Or, they can rent a car from a stranger. It’s like the Airbnb of the motor vehicle world.

Andrew Mok, Turo’s chief marketing officer, says car owners can rent out there car one day a month or every day. The company goes through a verification process for renters and car owners to help mitigate possible problems.

Turo has millions of users and more than 200,000 vehicles in the system. Those who rent vehicles out for just over a week each month can earn more than $600. More expensive vehicles earn you even more.

The service is available at approximately 300 airports, including Sea-Tac.

It’s another option for people looking to ditch their vehicles — or are unable to afford them — in a constantly growing region. The constant gridlock in Seattle, as we are constantly reminded, isn’t going away. More people are opting to use public transportation or other methods to get around.

Earlier this month, the Seattle City Council passed legislation that allows building owners to rent out parking to the public, not just tenants. It also gives developers flexibility in how much parking they want to add.

Just last week, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced the city will study congestion pricing in downtown. If congestion pricing becomes a reality, it will likely force more people out of their cars.

Listen to the entire conversation here.

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