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KIRO Radio hosts react to Seahawks postponing Kaepernick workout

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Seahawks invited Colin Kaepernick to work out with the team this week. But the trip was ultimately postponed when the free agent quarterback wouldn’t make it clear whether he would stop kneeling during the national anthem.

To date, no NFL team has invited Kaepernick to work out since becoming a free agent following the 2016 season. A league source told ESPN that the Seahawks are still considering him, and that no decisions are final.

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Here’s how the hosts of KIRO Radio reacted to the news:

Gee Scott – KIRO Nights

I believe that if Colin Kaepernick really wanted to play, then they would have gone ahead and kept talking and tried to work things out. Because that’s usually what happens in these situations. If Colin Kaepernick plays again, then he’s not talked about 150 years, 250 years from now.

If he doesn’t play again, he will always be able to have the narrative that he was blackballed. Which, let me repeat, I do believe that he was blackballed in the Nation Football League. But if he doesn’t play again, now he’s always looked upon as that guy.

Don O’Neill

Not one mention on our Facebook page of Trevone Boykin, and whether or not if Trevone Boykin was still playing. Whether or not his girlfriend’s jaw would still be wired shut. We could go through and name player after player after player that has done disgusting things, specifically to women, violence to women, and nobody seems to have a problem with that.

But a player takes a stand, and now you don’t want him on your team. I think it’s really interesting.

Zak Burns – KIRO Nights

Colin Kaepernick now sees himself as an ideal that people need to believe in. If he becomes an NFL quarterback again, and let’s say he comes in if Russell goes down, or whatever team he ends up on, if he enters the field and goes 9-21 and throws two picks.

All of a sudden the narrative goes back to, ‘Well this is why, this is why we didn’t have Kaepernick on our team. A man of diminished skills, who really, based on those skills, did not belong on an NFL roster.’

Dori Monson

No team wants their backup quarterback to be a clown show and Kaepernick is too much of a distraction. If he just wants to play football and leave his protesting to the other days of the week, that would be fine.

But the Seahawks just moved on from Michael Bennett, who was sitting for the anthem all last year, and Richard Sherman, who proved to be a divisive force. The Seahawks don’t need distractions; the last thing the Seahawks need is Colin Kaepernick’s anthem antics.

You have 32 teams that have independently arrived at the conclusion that this player brings more negatives than positives. NFL ratings are at an all-time low because the fans are sick of having politics mixed in. If he is going to insist on doing this on game day, he’s not going to have a game day platform to protest from.

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