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Jay Inslee
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Does Gov. Jay Inslee smoke pot? We asked him

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Governor Jay Inslee is gaining some local attention for bragging on HBO’s Real Time that Washington weed is better than the legal weed available in other state’s.

Gov. Jay Inslee: ‘I’m a doodler’

“For you Bill [Maher], I can honestly say we’ve got the best weed in the United States,” Governor Inslee proclaimed.

Well, this begs the question: how does he actually know our weed is so superior. I’m all about bragging — I’m a supporter of our legal weed system — but I was curious if he has sampled the product and speaks from a place of experience. After all, there are local politicians, like Seattle City Attorney Peter Holmes, who admits to smoking weed.

We reached out to Inslee’s office and were a bit disappointed.

“The governor does not use cannabis, he was not speaking from personal experience,” Tara Lee, deputy communications director, told the Jason Rantz Show via email. “As you saw on the show, and likely know, the governor is a big booster of all things Washington. He is proud of the state and all its products. He recognizes that legalization of marijuana in the state was done by the will of the voters in 2012, and so far it has been implemented in a safe and regulated way.”

So, Inslee doesn’t smoke or vape. This lessens the impact of his endorsement some. He’s just being blindly loyal to the state which, while well-intentioned, doesn’t have the power of someone who has actually sampled the product.

I’d be curious to see if his overall alarmist tone continues on children gaining access to weed since he’s now, as the leader of the State, taking such a braggadocious stance.

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