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Pro-gun students all over the country planning walkout

(File, Associated Press)

After all the high-profile protests in support of gun control, one student is organizing a nationwide walkout for students who support gun rights.

Will Riley is a high school student in New Mexico and the organizer of the Stand for the Second protest. On May 2, students at schools all over the country plan to walk out of their classes at 10 a.m. for 16 minutes.

“We don’t want to disrupt anyone’s education,” Riley told KTTH Radio’s Jason Rantz. “The point is that we need to have the same treatment given to us by the schools that was given to them, because we deserve an equal platform and, if not, it’d be discriminating against our viewpoint.”

Students at several local schools already announced their intent to participate. At least some students plan to walk out at Bellevue High School, Sequim High School, Port Angeles High School, Eisenhower High School, and Ridgefield High School.

“The arguments being made that this is for the students, that gun control legislation is for the kids. When I look around I see that that’s simply not true. It’s lying by omission.”

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