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Birthday boy decides to give big to animal shelter

We all have something that inspires us to help. For 9-year-old Jack Beason, he gets inspired by his seven cats. He says they’re easy to take care of and very loving — a winning combination.

His mom says last year for his birthday, he decided giving would be better than receiving and asked for donations of food or toys for his local animal shelter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

This year, he decided to do the same but go for the cold, hard cash instead. He started with the modest goal (though maybe not so modest at the age of nine) of $500.

“Same day that we got to $400 we got to $500. I figured we’d get to $200 or $300, never thinking we’d get to $500,” Jack’s mom said.

Now, he’s aiming for $1,000.

His dreams don’t stop there. He shared with WAFB TV that he hopes to one day build his own cat haven.

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