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Slow-walking it: ‘Seattle Supreme Court’ and government heroin dens

Injection cubicles at Sydney's Medically Supervised Injecting Centre in Sydney, Australia. (AP Photo/Rick Rycroft, File)

Washington state no longer has a Supreme Court, Seattle bought it. The court still operates out of Olympia, it continues to pretend to be the State Court of Washington, but it is wholly owned and operated by leftists in Seattle and their funders in big unions.

When you recognize that, it makes sense that the Seattle Supreme Court is slow-walking the case of King County voters vs. government-funded heroin dens (these are sometimes jokingly referred to as “safe injection sites”). Big Government wants big heroin because big heroin will create big government jobs and drive lots of walking around money for cronies.

Does anyone remember freedom?

You will recall that King County voters, via a successful initiative, demanded the chance to vote against government-funded heroin dens. Then, a group of people on the King County Board of Health — who used to be medical doctors before they apparently became lobbyists for heroin dealers — sued the voters. They chose a Jay Inslee appointee and activist judge, a woman named Veronica Alicea-Galván, to hear the case. This is a woman who bragged in writing that being a member of #TheResistance is part of her job as a jurist; who told a group of young women that “as a person of color” she is “redefining ‘her space,'” meaning she is changing her job description from judge to activist.

Alicea-Galván ruled that King County voters are no longer allowed to vote on issues related to public health. Yes, no longer allowed; King County voters have voted time and again on health related issues like smoking bands and legalizing pot. Veronica Alicea-Galván knows her ruling is silly and ridiculous, she is simply playing her role in the leftist cabal: delay until big heroin gets their toe hold with legalized heroin.

Quick: What is zero plus zero?

Now, the “Seattle Supreme Court” is slow-walking a painfully simple decision. Does the Washington State Constitution say citizens of certain counties cannot vote on health related issues? Nope. Does the Washington State Constitution place any limits on any Washington State citizen on health related issues? Nope. Can the Citizens of Washington state act as the legislature via initiative? Yes, the State Constitution explicitly says it. Is there any precedent in any court in Washington state that indicates citizens are too stupid to vote on some issues which must, then, be decided by geniuses like Smack Daddy Dow Constantine and Heroin Dan Satterberg? Nope.

The Seattle Supreme Court is slow-walking their decision until Seattle builds its government funded heroin den. Then, the court will announce that they cannot hear a case that could prevent the heroin den being built because it has already been constructed. Never mind that the initiative also banned operating government funded heroin dens, the court will ignore that because they can.

Who is to blame? Maybe you are

This mess is 100 percent the fault of King County Democrat voters. The people they select for office pretend they are saving the planet from Global Warming — sorry, I mean Climate Change — even though Washington state has met exactly zero of Jay Inslee’s carbon emission goals. You are voting for people because they are really, really — no seriously really — tolerant. So tolerant they say out loud they refuse to have Conservative friends.

You are not voting for people who govern, or lead or seek to solve problems. As they seek ways to continue to be “oh so leftist and ‘tolerant,'” they have invited heroin addicts (and the incumbent heroin dealers) and street people who want to be street people (far different from people who find themselves without a home). You — Washington State Democrat voters — are the reason the “Seattle Supreme Court” is sitting on their union-funded butts while, all around King County, gangs fight wars to grab and secure turf from where they will create, distribute and sell heroin to the heroin addicts you have voted to import.

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