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Eric Schneiderman
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Powerful men need to ask themselves more before acting on their urges

Eric Schneiderman. (File, Associated Press)

When Harvey Weinstein was exposed, it was Eric Schneiderman, New York’s attorney general who sued Weinstein’s company for “pervasive sexual harassment.”

But on Monday, Schneiderman got his very own expose — in the New Yorker.

“In which four women who had previous romantic relationships with Schneiderman accused the attorney general of hitting them,” CBS reported.

Schneiderman at first issued a squishy statement, saying it was “role-playing” and everything was consensual. Implying these women agreed to some of the “kinky stuff.” But the way they described it to reporter Jane Mayer, it wasn’t just kinky.

“Being slapped repeatedly in the face. Choked.”

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Now, I suppose you could argue that Fifty Shades of Grey normalized this WWE version of sex. And yes I realize some women do consider it to be about female empowerment. But really? Because that appears to be the line Schneiderman used to keep them quiet.

“He made them feel it was their fault and they weren’t liberated enough for putting up with it.

Anyway, Schiderman quickly set the speed record for social-media-induced resignations.

Powerful men living out their fantasies seem to ask themselves only one question: will it feel good? They really need start asking themselves: will it feel good seeing it in the New Yorker?

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