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Jason Rantz and Todd Herman select their GiveBIG charities

(AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File)

KTTH hosts Jason Rantz and Todd Herman are encouraging listeners and readers to donate to non-profit organizations they hand-picked for GiveBIG 2018.

GiveBIG is a one-day online giving event designed to help nonprofit organizations in the Seattle area raise funds. There are over a thousand organizations participating this year, but Rantz and Herman each selected one favorite.

Rantz: Street Bean Coffee Roasters

“We bring on young people that are accessing services in the Seattle area and we take them through a job training process that is five months long,” Street Bean director Sean McDonald told Rantz in an interview. “During that time, they learn both the hard skills and the soft skills it takes to be in the coffee industry, but more so we try to train them more broadly for customer service and retail backgrounds.”

Because most of the Street Bean trainees live in shelters, they also partner with New Horizons to help them find permanent, affordable housing. There are two Street Bean locations, one in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood and the other in Seattle’s U-Distict. Anyone interested can donate to Street Bean here.

Herman: Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission

For his part, Todd Herman is encouraging his followers to donate to the Union Gospel Mission. He explained his reasoning in an email:

The Union Gospel Mission is the opposite of King County and Seattle politicians in their approach to homelessness. UGM seeks to restore people’s lives–souls, housing, activity, sobriety and work–not to store them in boxes and tents like the politicians. They are experts at outreach, housing, clothing and human interaction and UGM operates with a data-driven approach to helping people who want and seek housing and assistance and they operate their charity openly and efficiently knowing that the poor will always be amongst us and it is our Christian duty to help.

Anyone interested in donating to the Union Gospel Mission can do so here.

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